Rodrick Baier Comment

First time visit today, didnt want to go to E.R because of the wait, looked this up, call them up and asked if I can be seen tonight and was told me sure. The receptionist was great, also very helpful. Filled out the form, was called with 3 minutes. Saw the nurse, very friendly and professional asked all the right questions. Was very nice in asking if he can help me with my purse due to my shoulder problems. Thank you for that. Doctor came within 5 minutes. Also very professional and helped me with my issue and gave me some great medical information. When it was time to leave, I thanked everyone for taking the time to see me on such short notice but it was when they all told me "hope you feel better soon" that I knew I came to the right place. Very concerned and caring...Thank you urgent care.

Very highly recommended.

Cure Urgent Care

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